Not everybody knows about my plan.

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Suddenly, he took out a ring, kneeled on the ground, and asked me to marry him.

The news was not confirmed.

I think this isn't correct.

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I feel real good about that.

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Please don't ask me about him.


Isidore is far too old to be doing this.


She is poisoned.

I think Jianyun was lying to me.

I can't answer that.


As the ISS orbits the Earth, both the vehicle and crew members are in a constant state of free-fall causing astronauts to experience a feeling of weightlessness.

He is sadly mistaken.

Do you know if Ric is alive?


They think the owner of the house is studying abroad.


We'll see you later.


She ignored the fact that he is ill.


Just give me a couple minutes.


We have jurisdiction here.

The daughter was irritated with her mother, who always broke her promises.

In which street?

That is one of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen.

We waited for the bus, but it was over 30 minutes late, so we caught a cab.

I consider you my friend.

I look at the land beside my friend.

Sangiovese is an Italian wine.

Everything speaks in the universe; there is nothing that doesn't have its language.

Say what is true.

Jingbai was careful not to say anything that would make Naim mad.

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This is how I got acquainted with them.

Something has to be done.

Kirsten won't eat that.

That's what I wish.

It's good to have you home.

In other words, you're a fool.

Is it possible to buy potatoes here?

Marcia looked grim when I told her the story.

What we need now is action, not discussion.


Here's one side of the medal.


I want to study Hebrew.

He crept on all fours like a cat.

Her father didn't allow her to go to movies alone.


That doesn't sound too dangerous.

Have you told Johnny when the party starts?

There's nothing going on between Avery and me.

A lunar eclipse can be seen from anywhere on the night side of the earth.

He never goes to school on the bus.

Life is unfair sometimes.

This idea is totally new to me.

The proposal he made yesterday is now under consideration.

The boy singing a song is my brother.

The child was almost drowned.

It hasn't been easy for us.

Cars that, when new, cost 3,000,000 yen are apparently now worth 300,000, so I think I'll use mine a little longer.

It is exactly three o'clock now.

Because they hung it upside down.

A great man will be remembered for his achievements.

I knew Edmund wasn't dead.

Hasn't Jianyun returned yet?

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There is already a subway in Rio.


Vigorous exercise makes you sweat.

You should take care of yourself.

I don't work now and I lead a less hectic life.


Then what's your problem?

We are not adding examples in Chinese.

They tortured Anne.

I thought about the future.

Did you ever visit Italy?

They honored him as their leading statesman.

Both types have advantages and disadvantages.

At the time of the incident, Slartibartfast was in his office.

Mother made me a doctor.

What it all boils down to is that we are in the same boat.

How come I didn't know about this place?

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I don't think Betty lives around here.


She has extreme colonial mentality. She is crazy for Spanish culture.

The dream of world war may be linked to a linear religion.

I've been asked to help you.


I'm not sure it's wise for me to stay.


No, I want to pay in cash.

Earnie told me you might come by.

I've got a bad stomachache.

I'm living in a small town.

You had better give up smoking for your health.

Get out of my sight!

The elderly couple drive a brand new sedan.


Outside the house, Lieutenant Dan Anderson found Linda's shoes.

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She has a bad head cold.

I knew she didn't like me.

your request has been denied because you have no valid residential address


He said so in jest.

Were you scolded by your teacher?

What it all boils down to is that we are in the same boat.

Srinivas is a keeper.

We live in a cottage.

I'm thinking about something else.

We've done the impossible.

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Laurent is better at speaking French than Roberta is.

Sehyo doesn't have enough courage to confront Jones directly.

He's at least twice my age.


Allende is a woman's name and a last name.

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The company has cut a figure in the computer industry.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Jamie didn't say why.


Nick is hot.

Prices are high these days.

I'm definitely ready.

He knows how to anger his sister.

She arrived late as usual.

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I'm afraid to open the door.

Matthieu likes everyone in his class.

The food is always arranged so artistically.


Asked to do her a favor, he completely ignored it.


Rahul did exactly as I told him to do.

Marty didn't tell me what I was supposed to do.

He will probably forget to return my book.


Dana might be able to pull it off.

I run a small business.

I'm waiting to talk to him.

You must not leave right now.

Suzan is an interesting person, isn't he?

Thanks for the opportunity.

How many sons and how many daughters?


Skunks fear neither dogs, nor men.

She was seen at a restaurant with her lover.

What have you done to her?

You won't get away with it.

It has been a long time since I was in my hometown.

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Don't get all high and mighty.

Please repeat after me.

Don't lose focus.

Mother thought of nothing but my coming home.

How much did you pay?

Country roads aren't as crowded as city roads.

That doesn't happen around here.

Call me if you need me.

He learned to raise cattle.

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I told her not to do this.

You are so kind.

Let the moving finger stop on - someone who understands Japanese.


Why didn't somebody tell me?


She loved him and he loved her.


Am I disturbing you?

The post that fell in the road disturbed the city traffic.

Jianyun ruined our camping trip by forgetting to put the tent in the car.


The baby looked just like her mother.

Be careful handling matches!

I'm in the habit of sleeping late on Sundays.

Everything is going well with our plan.

We'll contact you when we're ready.

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Amos said he read a book about this ship.

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He negotiated a lower price with the real estate agent.

They're using you.

The bread is stuck in the toaster.


All three of you chop wood every day, don't you?

You can ask him yourself.

If we don't leave soon, we'll be late.