Himawan is similar.

I was a little bit scared.

The river drains five provinces.

We'll just go now.

His explanation is unconvincing.

He's raking in the cash.


Nicolo can't play the tin whistle very well.


Leads didn't waste a second.

Did Trent tell you he's studying French?

How is your brother?

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They make me sick.


The cola made my tongue tingle.


Bert is quite picky.

You shouldn't have told him about the plan.

Ernie looks contrite.

Did you know that George Bush's bush has cooties?

I helped her hang the picture on the wall.

We'll talk with him on Monday.

Kimmo will cook for you.

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Ken stopped talking and began to eat.


What have you done about fixing the car?

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I think it's important to keep a promise.

I just wanted to help Amos.

I need to protect myself.

A child's mischief often causes a fire.

Luck smiled on us then.

Like priest, like people.

Return to the ship immediately.


I want to eat pizza.

We were having a quiet supper when out of the blue my mother announced she was going back to school.

There were problems.


That he is a man of character cannot be denied.


Can we go fishing?


Walter Mondale ran for President.

He passed his English examination.

What happened down there?

Loren isn't breathing.

Don't try to hide it.

Jeffie looked a little alarmed.

I was able to help.


Those are really big apples.

Rainer told me why he was late.

In a word, she is guilty.

A right without a duty is a privilege.

He walked toward the door.

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Go pick her up.

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Please stop.

When will you leave for the Moon? We all need you.

The responsibility was in large part mine.


Show him your hands.

I know it very well.

Guess what I was thinking.

I hope I'm not late.

Let them do their job.

That doesn't scare me one bit.

I don't plan on being a waiter all my life.


I can't believe you did that.

There are various kinds of coffee.

It was very lucky that you came today.

Why did you hit her?

It was an adventure going down the river on a raft.

Yoga has many health benefits.

When will that new school open?

Whatever you say, I'll marry her.

He always asks the same question.


I am a great admirer of American culture.

We don't want to go back to Boston.

Chuck is here with me today.

Hello everybody!

I don't think it's likely that Tuna will come over this time of night.

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It's often said that best way to learn a foreign language is to learn from a native speaker.

Dwight, can you stay still for five minutes?

It's a pity.


The question is why didn't Samir go.

Recently the demand for this product has increased faster than the supply.

One of my dreams is to one day see the aurora borealis.

The airplanes climbed very high.

Don't you think you've had enough?

I had to protect Charlene from The.

He gave up going abroad.

Looks like it's not that easy, huh?

I had to have Gregge rewrite the report.

Who are you angry at?

This doesn't change anything.


Niels told me he thought this was a good idea.

Skeeter said he doesn't work on Mondays.

I want to show them around town.

We know what you're doing.

To tell the truth, I hate the very sight of him.

You have to come with me right away.

Carl cannot have been a model student.

Which weekend in March are you coming again?

Michelle is a better person than me.

Elias is ready to lead.

Let's stop playing tennis.


He came back to Japan for the first time in eight years.

Receiving a gift from you was an unexpected surprise.

Flies and mosquitoes interfered with his meditation.


Saturn has a lot of moons.

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They forgot to turn off the light.

He seems ill.

It is easy for a monkey to climb a tree.

Ahmed is kind of needy.

She puts aside a lot of money.

British officers received their orders in April, 1775.

I must decline.

I was employee of the year for three years.

One day I will meet him.

Do we have to take the bus?

Drawing the Japanese flag is very easy.

Talk to me.

Jean understood why Irving didn't want to go to Boston with him.

She fooled him.

Why did you paint the couch red?

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you.

The queen saw something black on the sea, which seemed to be coming nearer.

In 1342, the cities on the Rhine, Main, and Danube were plunged into a flood of biblical proportions. Thousands of people lost their lives.

Why does Laurianne work at home?


Be the matter what it may, we must persevere.

I don't remember when the first time I met him was.

I want you to be my friend.


It is humanity that has lost the man. Say that this idiot would have been more happy as an animal, if he had been able to keep quiet. But no... he invented civilization.


The coat she wanted was eye-poppingly expensive.

It is the hen that makes the rooster crow.

The proverb is quoted from Franklin.

This textbook has a lot of notes.

Is that really what you think?


Judith went out to get lunch.

It must have been broken during shipping.

We think so.

Hardly had I left home when it began to rain.

Your father is a very nice person.

He got very proficient in English in a few years.

Stop listening to Rex.

By the end of the year, the number of people who have stayed in hotels in our city will exceed one million.

The sole survivor of the crash was a baby.

You know that.

I didn't know any of the songs.

I wish!

Jack hid the dish he had broken, but his little sister told on him.

She is powerful.

Stop bullying.


I'll kiss you if that's what you want.


Danny and Hiroyuki talked past each other.


Lana is pretty conceited, isn't he?

I didn't want to annoy you.

You probably think I'm a creep.

Hand in your papers.

Don't you have a husband?

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Srikanth was sarcastic.

Bjorne seemed interested.

That is surely an idea.


What kind of trouble are you in?

Learn a language for free.

I should know that.


Please talk to me.

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You should always ask for permission first.

Vijay brushed the dirt off his jeans.

Louiqa could still be in Boston.

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Didn't you read the manual?

That sounds like something Jesper would say.

John has five apples. He gives one to Ronald. How many pears are left in the bag?

How many times has Japan hosted the Olympics?

The donkey was browsing quietly.